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A Jeweler's Best Friend
Inspiring creativity through color

About Us

Our company provides:

  • A large inventory of medium to fine quality gemstones.
  • Superior cut and polish, designer and calibrated stones.
  • Rare and unique center stones and matched sets.
  • Memorandum and terms for qualified accounts.
  • Special programs and promotions.
  • A staff of Graduate Gemologists with a decade of experience

We are AGTA:

AGTA logoAs members of AGTA, the American Gem Trade Association, we adhere to their code of ethics and policies of full disclosure concerning the authenticity and enhancements of natural gemstones.

Our experience as a gemstone supplier

For the past thirty years we've established relationships with mines and cutting centers around the world. Our Sri Lankan, African, South American, and Thai sources provide us with the finest gems and cutting that are often difficult to find. For these reasons, Gems of Naples has the capacity to deal in a large variety of gems and always at the best price.

Whether you are experienced in selling fine loose gemstones or this is your first time, our program can be tailored to meet everyone’s needs for success.

After a free consultation to target the needs of your store, Gems of Naples will be glad to assist in your selection from our amazing gemstone inventory. The collection may feature up to 10-carat gems including matched pair suites and fine center stones. When your selection is complete, Gems of Naples will furnish you with literature and a complete display. A copy of any certifications will be supplied when applicable.