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A Jeweler's Best Friend
Inspiring creativity through color


Units of Measure

Unless otherwise stated, the unit of measure for all gemstones is the Carat weight, the abbreviation for which is "CT.".

Method of Payment
Gems of Naples offers an extensive memo program unlike any other in the colored gemstone industry! Qualified accounts may be eligible for 10 day, 30 day, or Seasonal memo privileges.

Special Terms
Qualified accounts may be eligible for special terms on purchases such as 30, 60, or even 90 days net.

Upon receipt of merchandise, you have 10 full days to inspect and, if not satisfied, return said merchandise to Gems of Naples. Beyond this 10 day period, Gems of Naples reserves the right to refuse any returns without prior authorization.

Gems of Naples will automatically add shipping and handling charges to all orders. Upon the acceptable and authorized return of any merchandise, Gems of Naples will not refund shipping and handling charges. Only moneys collected for actual merchandise will be refunded where applicable.

Qualified Accounts
The following information is for retailers: The following information is for retailers, manufacturers, and other resellers. The criteria for qualified accounts are as follows, but not limited to: Accounts must be a retail jewelry establishment, manufacturer, or other type of reseller which is able to provide a valid Federal Tax Identification Number. If you are a New Jersey based company, a State tax resale certificate or Tax Form ST-3 may be requested. Accounts should be either Rated by the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT), OR, be willing to complete a Gems of Naples credit application to provide us with some information regarding financial accounts and references from suppliers. Gems of Naples reserves the exclusive right to determine which accounts qualify for special terms, promotions, memorandum, or any other offers made by Gems of Naples, Inc.. The credit application form is provided for your convenience and may be used to set up an account for wholesale purchases with Gems of Naples, Inc.

Please call 800-477-2716 for terms of our Credit Application

Promote color in your store! Gems of Naples does shows in order to promote colored gemstone sales in established retail stores. Providing a fabulous inventory of loose color in all shapes, sizes, and species, we'll spark your customer’s interest in rare and unique gemstones they may have never seen before. This is a terrific opportunity to widen your store's appeal and do some terrific business during your show! For more information, contact us today.